MFA in Creative Writing

In this vibrant program, built on the foundation of 皇冠足彩’s strong 134-year commitment to the arts, you will gain confidence in your voice and discover how to write and wield your words in ways that may change the world.

Writing for the 21st Century

The 皇冠足彩 Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing offers the opportunity to enter an artistic community in which you will read deeply, study and hone your writing craft, and participate in energetic discussions that will help you see your poems, 故事, 论文, and memoirs in the context of current issues and events. 皇冠足彩’s vigorous literature-based curriculum will serve you well, both 作为一个作家 and a teacher. 

Your Voice Matters

You know you have contributions to make because the question always at the forefront of your work is, “How can I as an artist, 作为一个作家, participate in and influence the important conversations of our times?” At 皇冠足彩 you will find the encouragement to lean into writing what you love and care about most. This program fosters a more expansive way of writing, and of being human. Our focus on relevance will encourage you to persevere and to have your own answer whenever you find yourself asking, “我为什么要写作??” You will know your voice matters, and that you have something to say.

Your MFA Decision Journal

Use this helpful tool, “Your MFA Decision Journal,” to guide your MFA exploration. 

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